Through photographs, Blend Images told an inclusive story about diverse communities, cultures, and the beauty in everyday life. A highly curated, boutique collection of imagery reflected the multi-cultural world in which we live today. This work continually strived to increase representation in the media. Leaders in the industry, Blend showcased stock photography that excelled in portraying female empowerment, LGBT / gender fluidity, disability, global living, and local action. As an in-house designer for many years and VP of Marketing, I am proud to have worked on many Blend Images projects- showing off our award-winning photographers, developing complete visual systems for branding, and UX/UI design for enterprise-level software. But I’ll just show you some of the sexier stuff here. Let’s go!





If you want to see more, check out the Fresh Blend section, my pet project to showcase new Blend Images photographer work hot off the presses.