June 9, 2017

Your Money and Websites

Clients and friends often ask about cost surrounding design projects. It is usually followed by ‘NEED MORE INFORMATION PLEASE!’.

This isn’t an in-depth post because, frankly, RKA INK answers the question better than most, so I’m pointing you to her post “What does a new website cost these days?“. Her article specifically talks about websites but is pretty universal across many creative projects.

In the process of launching a new project? Check out her video. I’ve watched it a few times and keep going back to write down some of the other sites she points out. Lots of great information here.

What Does a New Website REALLY COST?

How much does a new website cost? Or a great logo? Epic copywriting?I'm not going to lie. I feel AWKWARD talking dollars and cents. But you can't spell "awkward" without RKA, so today I'm GOIN' FOR IT.Because it makes NO SENSE to avoid talking cents.Here's how that typically goes down: ⠀⠀1️⃣ You're afraid to know what something costs because the price might be out of reach. ⠀⠀2️⃣ I'm afraid to tell you what something costs because the price might scare you away. ⠀⠀Around and 'round we go.But, here's why I'm busting past my own money blocks to talk about web design pricing today — because it SUCKS to see people throw money down the drain on services that get them nowhere. And, knowing your budget — and how to make the MOST of it, given what quality services cost — will ensure you spend wisely.Video Spoilers:I talk a ton about the importance of GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY and BRILLIANT COPYWRITING. And I give shout outs in the vid to the following creative powerhouses:Copywriting – Natalie Taylor, The Missing Ink, – Heidi Hapanowicz Photography, Ash & Heidi experience I reference in the vid is already sold out: extra shout outs to the amazing photographer who just did MY updated picssss in the new RKA ink office, Linette Gary Photography. I'm over the mooooooon!

Posted by RKA ink on Thursday, June 8, 2017

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