September 7, 2016

Hand-Drawn Wanderlust

Hand-drawn Type Crush

Recently, I worked on a project for Blend Images promoting a travel image driven sweepstakes. The theme: Wanderlust and being one of the best commercial collections out there in the stock photography arena (I’m admittedly biased having worked with them over the past decade), their breath on the subject is vast and gorgeous to boot.


This project spanned digital media from website banners and social campaigns to email marketing. To be released over the course of three weeks, there was a need for multiple placements, which allowed for a lot of fantastic imagery usage.




img_0314The theme of “Wanderlust” is not new but in order to reinvent it a bit, I thought it important to create a hand-drawn graphic treatment. When I travel, I journal, and, I might add, exclusively hand write my notes. In keeping with this sense of ‘the personal’, I wanted the type to have that resonance. Stacks of paper later, Voilà!


You can check it out live on the website and if you are reading this in the month of September, you can also enter the sweepstakes! Why not?! Create a board with five of your favorite ‘wanderlusty’ photos ( oooh- good word!email it, and get a chance to win 200 bucks! Not a bad way to spend five minutes 🙂



Travel-Spices-Wanderlust Camping-Getaway-Wanderlust Cool-picture-of-girl-wanderlust backroading-wanderlust

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