September 1, 2016

Estonia to Greece by Bicycle

*Article originally published on and republished here courtesy of Blend Images*

Last year, Blend photographer, Sam Diephuis and his writer fiancé Laurenne, spent 4 months riding bikes from Estonia to Greece and lucky us, they documented the entire 3000 mile journey. They knew it would be hard. They knew it would push boundaries and make them tired and crabby. What they didn’t know was how much they would LOVE it!


“On a rainy day, we flew into Tallinn in Estonia, the farthest northern country in Eastern Europe. We grabbed a map from a gas station, put all our gear into our bags, and we were off on two wheels.”


“Bikes allowed for a beautiful pace. We could stop at any moment to talk to a stranger, to try a fresh fig from an old man’s farm, to camp in a fairytale forest. We could zoom through heat and cheer each other on up the crazy Croatian hills. We had to always be vigilant of the road, which kept us in the present and weeded out all the day-to-day anxiety that usually creeps in at home. We were able to really see each other as we saw the world. I like to say that those four months were like two years in normal relationship time.

Overall, we crossed 13 countries, got 5 flat tires (all in one day), made 50 new friends, swam in 12 bodies of water, tried all kinds of food we’d never heard of, and then we made it! All the way to Athens. We didn’t want to go home, but we had to. It was time to get married.”





Sam and Laurenne travel and work well together which radiates from this photo journal of their trip and sparks the wanderlust with each shot. You can see the entire journey and license these beautiful shots on or read more of the daily journals on their blog.

We are glad you are back, Sam! But also can’t wait to see your next adventure! Bon Voyage! 🙂

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